Phototherapy… or going on a date with ourselves

“There are two important figures in the life of every woman - a hairdresser and a photographer. If you feel bad - get a new haircut or photo session. The therapeutic effect is guaranteed.

So say the classic in 30 years, when phototherapy becomes commonplace. But today, many women see the photo session only as a "memory photo" and not as art therapy or a stress reliever.

Let's talk today about the conditions under which photography provides psychological help, and can the photographer "heal" his model?

First, let's dive into the memories. Many of us have the first experience of professional photography - shooting for a graduation school album. A flea market, teenage girls who are unsure of their own worth, a bunch of complexes about their appearance, a push-button photographer and, as a result, a hateful photo album that you don’t want to show to anyone. In this context, filming is an extremely traumatic experience for anyone.

And, as adults, many women often postpone the photo session until later, are shy in front of the camera and do not enjoy shooting. There is no fireworks of emotions and that's it!

What to do? Choose your photographer wisely.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a photographer?

Of course, you need to choose a photographer based on the style of his work. Pay attention to the portfolio, what prevails in the pictures - dark tonality or light? Large or full-length portraits? Ringing frame sharpness or light haze? Photo tinting or natural natural colors? Emotions in the frame or the right composition?

But most importantly, find YOUR photographer. A photographer with whom it will be easy and comfortable for you, especially if a boudoir photo session . A person next to whom you can bare your soul (and body if you wish).

Choose a photographer for whom not only the result is important, but also the shooting process itself. The one who makes live contact and is really interested in you as a person. Mechanical button press = soulless footage.

And, of course, respect the photographer. For many, the person on the other side of the lens is not an individual, but just an amateur with a camera bought with parental money, who only presses the shutter. It is his worldview and sense of beauty that decide at what second to pull the trigger, how he will see you, his hero, whether he will see what you yourself do not know about yourself.

Here are a few more reasons why you should go for a photo shoot this spring:

  • after a long and gray spring, you need an emotional boom, and a photo shoot is great as such a splash,
  • preparation for shooting and shooting itself is a completely creative process, it inspires and motivates to new achievements,
  • this is an opportunity to see yourself as new, beautiful, desirable and feminine, to work through your own problems and find a way out of some psychologically difficult situations,
  • viewing your own beautiful pictures cheer you up - a woman becomes more self-confident and happy.
  • a sea of ​​compliments and likes from friends will fill your energy reservoir with love and admiration.

A professional photographer is able to tell your story in a creative and tasteful way. This story is about YOU. About the real YOU. It is about your beautiful and strong sides. Feel the joy of meeting you!

We thank the female photographer Alyona Kraiko for the photos provided.

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